Checklist: How to Switch from CIS to other GEOs?

18.03.2024 4 mins to read

While the CIS is paralyzed in terms of call centers and logistics in eastern Europe with no positive changes anticipated in the news, it wouldn’t hurt to redirect traffic to non-CIS GEOs. In this article, we will explain how to switch to non-CIS GEOs smoothly and will bust a myth about traffic complications. Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you get started.

So, how to switch from CIS to non-CIS GEOs?

  1. Open an AP and sign up, for example, with LeadRock
  2. Which consumables should I acquire?:
    • Anti-detect browser
    • Proxies
    • Domains and hosting
    • Accounts 
    • Means of payment 
  1. Which offer do I select? 
  2. Create a flow in AP
  3. Download the flow archive and upload it to the hosting
  4. Set up ADS Manager
  5. Set up FB Pixel
  6. Launch ad campaign

What Issues Might Webmasters Face?

Insufficient language

If you are not a professional translator, and you couldn’t make it better than “D” at school— it’s ok: online translation services are there for you. To be confident, you can hire an editor who will review texts translated by the service. 

You might want to opt for DeepL Translator. We have analyzed ad text translations for two offers: men’s Rolex replicas – Rolex Daytona Watches and tea for the potency – “Go Potent” offer in Spain. DeepL translations turned out to be the most accurate, which is confirmed by the native Spanish speaker Danny.

Unfamiliarity with current traffic sources

What traffic sources do specialists use?


These ads are generated based on the user’s past Internet activity, that is, a product or service he/she demonstrated interest in. Despite the high CPM, this source will allow a greater outreach.

Social media

These are multifunctional platforms where you can find a diverse target audience for a specific offer. Today, social networks offer a variety of settings for better ad campaign performance.

Native Ads

These are ad blocks on websites, which include graphics and text. The discreetness of this source is its main advantage: native pages do not interfere with the user when he/she studies the landing page. Native Ads are not blocked by extensions like AdBlock.


It’s traffic from mobile apps that publishers use to earn money with offers from common verticals. Surely, at least once you played for a knight in shining armor, who saved a princess from a dragon, or selected items to knock out a fire from a room. Special effects involve the user in the game or app so that he/she purchases a feature and doesn’t even know about it.


SEO traffic is traffic from Yandex or Google search. If you optimize and promote a web resource properly, you can receive large volumes of traffic which you can then redirect to the product page.


This traffic source is up-and-coming because the social network gains momentum. The target audiences’ diversity grows by the day, so there will be demand for almost any niche. Short videos are also effective from banner blindness.

Misunderstanding of an offer and GEO

The right offer is 50% of success, but how do you find the “one and only” product that will bring you profit? 

Our articles will come in handy to select the right GEO. You might want to learn about the national language, mentality and create a locals’ profile. Depending on the topic of the offer, you must study the living standards in the country: the median salary, health grounds, and common conditions of the population. 

The Tier category will allow you to determine the most profitable GEO for an ad campaign. There are three Tier categories. See the Tier countries list attached below. The main criterion for such a classification is the country’s status of development. So, it will be easier for the publisher to learn the paying capacity of the audience and select GEO.


LeadRock is focused on non-CIS GEOs with reference on nutra and whitehat offers. The situation has not changed for our AP — we continue normal operations. In our Telegram channel, we post top weekly offers in LatAm and Europe selected by webmasters. Here’re the top offers that we put out every week.

Redirect your traffic from desolated CIS to profitable non-CIS GEOs! Now, you have all the instructions you need. In case you have any questions, your account manager will answer them upon registration in LeadRock AP.

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