How to Work with Prostatitis Offers on Facebook?

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Hello everyone! We continue to share tips for traffic arbitrage. Today, we’ll talk about prostatitis offers on Facebook.

Prostatitis is a universal topic that remains relevant. Being one of the most common conditions, it is a chronic disease in most cases. The abundance of men is interested in prostatitis treatment. And we’re here to help them.

In this article, we will consider creatives, promo materials (landing and pre-landing pages), offers, targeting, clo@king, and broad guidelines on traffic arbitrage. We will study the approach as in the case of the “Optiprost” offer in Peru. In this country, the offer has good CR and cheap traffic allowing you to get a good ROI. 

Let’s start with the targeting.


It’s no big deal actually. As a rule, prostatitis offers are targeted at a male audience of the age of 35 and above, so if you’re using an image of a person, you might want to look into this category.

Creatives for Prostatitis Offers

Since we brought up this topic, let’s continue analyzing creatives. 

The subject is delicate, so you might want to use creos without sound or with some underscore. You can use both a generic story about “odd” ingredients (like the baking soda) and “folk” recipes. Here’s a showcase:

Include a jar’s image to the creative and an issue-related caption like: “restore prostate function” or “regulate urination, ease the pain.” Here’s a showcase:

You can also point out things typical for prostatitis, like:

You can also include a doctor’s image:


A small tip for those who want to find creos with a good CR in spy services. If the creative is modified, for example, with a frame or a mirrored image, then it is worthy and broadly used.

For example:

Prostatitis Promo Materials

In LatAm, pre-landing pages with a checkout form are trending.

The science-based approach will work well in the promo. Besides, few people would believe in the pharmacy mafia story today. You might want to tell how it works instead, perhaps by including a step-by-step guide, and warning about prostatitis which is untreated. 

In LatAm, they also approve of folk medicine. Folk recipes-based products that have been refined in laboratories are working quite well too. 

On the pre-landing page with a checkout form, you must emphasize the reason a customer should order here. For example: “50% off for my followers only.”

Do not hesitate to ask the manager to provide you with some cool promos. Promos with good CR are often private so that it remains relevant. Our team has created original profitable promos with good CR. Contact the manager to get top promos.


Prostatitis remedies ads are prohibited by the FB, so clo@king is required. Recently, tracker filters were enough for clo@king. Tracker manuals describe how to do this. You can also look through media articles.

Prostatitis-Related Offers

What matters in the offer is the product, the approval rate, and the payout. 

Before releasing an offer, we test several product packages and form factors by comparing them by their CR and CTR. As a result, we get the most attractive product for customers. This is very important because the product should inspire customer confidence.

Additionally, we test promo materials and the approval rate before launching the offer. And therefore, we are safe to say that we have promos with the best CR and a high approval rate. 

Finally, the most interesting thing: your payout. We pay $15 per approval of the “Optiprost — PE” offer.


You could and should work with prostatitis offers. It enjoys a steady demand with little to no seasonality. 

If you want to test nutra vertical, we recommend the “Optiprost — PE” offer: it includes cheap GEO and promos with good CR. We’ve also answered some questions about clo@king, traffic arbitrage, and creatives. You just have to push a little!

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